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The Vinal PTO is proud to offer the Celebration Book Program. Honor your child’s birthday or a teacher/staff member with a book donation, or celebrate ANY occasion - other family members’ birthdays, holidays, good grades, team wins, or a book in remembrance of someone special.
The goal of the Celebration Book Program is to add new books to our library while marking a special occasion. Vinal is constantly rotating books from circulation due to poor condition and age. In addition, the kids get so excited about discovering new books on the shelves! We are excited to work with Ms. Howard, Vinal Librarian, to make the library a joyful place for our children to grow and learn. 

How it works:

  • You can place an order for a Celebration Book any time during the school year. We'll keep track of the special dates.

  • When the special date arrives, your child will be invited to select a book in the library from a special shelf (new books are purchased by Ms. Howard throughout the year and displayed on this special shelf for children to choose as a gift).

  • The book chosen will be designated as a gift with a commemorative bookplate indicating your child’s name, the celebratory occasion and date.

  • Celebration Book participants enjoy being the first students to check their brand new book out of the library!

  • After your child returns the book to the library, it will be placed on the shelves for other Vinal students to enjoy for years to come! 

Our children benefit from the generosity of so many Vinal families. We hope you choose to participate in this wonderful program. Please email Jennifer Dinneen or Beth Toomey with any questions. Thank you!

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